Understanding the danger of mold as well as how it can affect your home is crucial to keeping your home and family safe. Mold is basically dangerous airborne chemical bacteria that is bred out of dampness and standing water. It can mostly be found in ventillation shafts, around bathroom tubs and can especially be prevelant during the spring melt season. From a home-owners perspective, this could be anywhere from leaky pipes, to damp unfinished basements to standing water around the perimeter of your home.

Checking and verifying these type of areas for signs of toxic mold in your home is a good first step, but it is highly unlikely you’ll be able to safely locate every minute piece of mold without a professional Ottawa mold removal contractor and their specialized air quality detection equipment.Not only do they have the experience and knowledge to find even the most pesky mold infestations, but they can advise you on how to prevent any future problems before they become more expensive problems to solve.


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Certain Ottawa residents may choose to go with a more consumer grade solution, such as the EPA-approved kits available at Home Depot or other hardware stores. While these can be good for smaller infections, the question will undoubtedly arise as to the extent of the problem. In these situations, we still recommend getting a quick inspection done by a mold remediation company to confirm the extent of the mold problem.

You’ll need to decide on a mold removal, reduction or identification strategy eventually but it’s important to realize that there are rarely any small mold problems and in most cases your home owners insurance will cover these types of expenses, so it’s best to go with a professional opinion when it comes to mold issues. The last thing you’ll want to be informed about is the fact that you have a catastrophic mould issue – the first step in avoiding that is nipping it in the bud with professional remediation services.…

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Ottawa is know for a lot of things – the Senators being superior to the Leafs, the longest skating rink in the world, also having a boring government work force. One thing you might not know though, is that the humidity in the summer as well as the harsh spring melt can become a real problem and cause mould growth to really prosper. We’ve asked our friends and done some heavy lifting to find you the best info on keeping your home safe year round.


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Generally, those with genetic conditions should be more concerned about health risks than your average Ottawa resident. It is crucial that they live in an environment where there’s minimal exposure to bacteria that may cause them respiratory or other health issues. We’re going to talk about one of the things homeowners should do to minimize certain health risks to those who have pre-existing genetic conditions: deal with mold efficiently. You may not realize this, but many people who have genetic conditions end up dying just because they were exposed to significant amounts of household mold that was unrecognized.

Now, you might be how exactly a little bit of bathroom mold can adversely affect someones health? Many don’t realize that mold can actually be a trigger for allergic problems and asthma attacks. This is especially the case among children, elderly and those with compromised immune systems. If you do your research, many people, especially those in lower income brackets here in Ottawa, have suffered serious health issues due to excessive exposure to mold. Many of these people actually had a genetic disorder. Considering this, not taking care of your property and preventing the growth and spread of mould is important.

If you’re living in Ottawa, it’s rather easy to find reliable mold remediation contractors. The best part is that such professionals offer their services at very reasonable rates. In this post, however, we’re only going to recommend one company. When it comes to mold removal in Ottawa residents trust contractors from the Mold Remediation Pro’s over other companies. They’re the specialists Ottawa citizens hire because they are all certified, bonded and insured. Because they are so experienced people can trust that they have had the necessary training to deal with mold problems of all kinds. And because they are insured, homeowners can rest assured that should the contractors create any damage, intentional or not it will be covered by actual commercial insurance.

Research shows Ottawa homes that get help from remediation companies earlier have lower rates of breathing problems, skin irritation and general long term discomfort. It can be said that the presence of mold really plays a huge part in the health of anyone in either a residence or commercial property so it isn’t nessecarily something to be overlooked.

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