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We are sad to say that Mapitfirst - The Canadian Rockies and Mapitfirst - Rogers Pass will no longer be supported.  We will continue to answer your questions and support our current user base but we will no longer be providing updates to the product.

We still have copies of the maps and data that are still very useful.  Memory-Map, the software portion, continues to be developed and supported by Memory-Map Inc..  We encourage you to visit their website for updates to the software.

We hope you continue to plan safe and fun adventures in the fabulous Canadian Rockies.

Tom Kenny
The Canadian Mapping Corporation

Maps, Trails, and nearly 400 Trail descriptions in Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Kootenay, Yoho, Assiniboine, Kananaskis and now Waterton Lakes National Park

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The Power of One

Plan your hiking, backpacking or skiing adventure with the latest route, weather, and point-of-interest information at your fingertips with Mapitfirst. Using intuitive software, take a 'virtual tour' of your chosen trail with Mapitfirst. Our maps and trails cover Banff, Jasper, Yoho, Lake Louise, Kootenay, Assiniboine, Kananaskis and Waterton Lakes National Park.  Mapitfirst takes the guesswork out of trying to plan and organize outdoor activities. Information from multiple sources, such as new topographical maps, current trail data and critical web links, are consolidated into one innovative mapping tool.

Read trail reviews from The Canadian Rockies Trail Guide (Patton, Robinson) known locally as "The Bible" of guide books. Discover more trails and descriptions through  and other websites.  These social network websites also allows you to interact and communicate with other like-minded outdoors people.

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or a weekend adventurer, use Mapitfirst to conveniently plan your next hike, Scamble or Ski through one powerfully intuitive planning tool.

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